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Geographical Position

The Barcika Industrial Park is situated in North Hungary, at the Eastern border of the European Union in the North Hungarian region. The industrial park lies on the outer area of the city of Kazincbarcika with some 32000 residents, in the direct vicinityof the motorway nr. 26, near the MÁV railway stretch nr. 92, so it can achieve the railway with the development of an industrial railway track.

(Kazincbarcika city is the centre of the Kazincbarcika micro-region, which is situated the Northwestern part of B-A-Z county, in the Sajó valley, roughly halfway between Miskolc and the Slovakian border. The other settlements of the micro-region can be found in Sajó valley, in the Northern forefront of the Bükk mountain, in the Uppony mountain range, and in the North in the Borsodi-hill and in the Aggteleki-karstregion , which from economic geographic point of view belong to the catchment area of the city of Kazincbarcika.)

The distance of Budapest from the industrial park is 206 km (until Miskolc M3,M30-as motorway). The distance between Kazincbarcika and Miskolc is 19.3 km, the two settlements are connected with a partly four-lane clearway. (The further development of the road is going on currently).

The distance of the Slovak border towards the crossing point of Bánréve is 23.3 km, the distance of the Ukrainian border towards Záhony - Csop crossing point is 169,2 km.