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Introduction by the Managing Director

The Barcika Industrial Park won the title of „Industrial Park” in November 2007. The Barcika Industrial Park Ltd started the works in July 1, 2008. The equity capital is 6 million HUF. The company 100 percently belongs to the property of the Local Government of Kazincbarcika.

The whole area of the industrial park is approximately 80 ha, from which 33 ha is the main, central area, 15 ha is development area and 49 ha is a green field area. On the tribe area the ruled infrastructure which is necessary to investors' reception has already been developed: along the main road nr. 26 water, sewage, rainwater drainage, gas system, electrical energy supply, public lighting and the telecommunication network with high level of velocity (on the tribe area the connection to the T-Com network is promptly insurable and the T mobile, Pannon GSM and Vodafone wireless telephone networks on the area of the whole industrial zone are available.)

Thank to the good position, the advantagouos traffic and transportation conditions and the available huge territory, the industrial park is excellently suitable for the settling of commercial, merchandise distributor centres, depository centres, a customs yard and of providing – and for the companies of Miskolc- supplying companies.

The company's basic proposition is the realisation and the support of workplace-creating investments, innovative developments, which build upon the city's already existing industrial and human infrastructure, and the realisation of an entrepreneurial incubator house, which with its services helps the beginner and the already operating small- and medium-size enterprises.